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 Welcome to Olivieri Fit, a leading in-home health & fitness training practice that has been offering custom personal training programs for older adults for the past 35 years.


Led by principal Maria Olivieri, M.S., her philosophy has been simple, and that is to keep it simple. As a health & fitness professional, I have seen how exercise can transform one’s self-image and persuade someone with a restricted sedentary lifestyle to experience the elation and joy of movement and feeling healthier and fit.

When COVID began, my clients were concerned with how they were going to maintain their level of fitness during quarantine, through their requests and with their encouragement I introduced virtual training sessions. To my surprise, they have worked out better than anticipated, and Clients have successfully maintained their level of fitness during this challenging time.

As we begin to move past Covid, clients are considering adding virtual sessions to supplement their in-person training regiments, as they are receptive and acknowledge the value of receiving their personal training session thru their electronic devices.



Exercise may not be the cure to cancer; however, science has certainly proved how exercise can considerably help improve our lives… I personally understand how life sometimes gets in the way of exercise and we lose focus or become discouraged to start again or even forget to self-care, not realizing that health is the absolute best asset we can give our families and to ourselves.

I would love the opportunity to speak with you and arrange a time for a free consultation. When we decide to work together, I will design and customize a fitness program to help you see and feel the results you want, in the comfort and privacy of your home.

Maria Olivieri, M.S.



Should you weigh yourself often? I say yes, it really helps. I do weekly I don’t like to watch daily since our bodies fluctuate too much especially for us females because that water weight does shift. Research states people who succeed at losing weight and keeping it...


To continue to help you, maintain your post COVID health program, below are additional health myths I would like to share with you to further clear the air on misconceptions. TOP 10 MYTHS – PART 2 Myth #6: Yoga can help with all sorts of muscle aches and back pain…...


Everyone loves to go to restaurants: variety of food, an opportunity to socialize with family or friends and most notably, no dishes to clean-up. While this all sounds fine, restaurants offer many pitfalls to your overall healthy eating habits. Here are a few basic...


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I have been working with Maria for over 20 years she has always been consistent and always committed to my well-being. She is motivating and always ready to change things up to make it enjoyable and challenging.

Susan Flinn Ph.D, New York, New York April 26, 2021

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Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.” ~ Jim Rohn


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